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Zhejiang Ousen Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ousen Company) is located in a beautiful environment, enjoy "China sprayer town "reputation District Taizhou City, The company occupies the land of 40,000 square meters (60 mu), building area covers more than 45,000 square meters, and the workshop area covers more than 40,000 square meters.With a total investment of over RMB one hundred million There are more than 500 staff, senior technical staff of 60 people, several utility model and appearance Patents , and an annual output more than 180 million units of various small agricultural machinery products.

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Products Keyword
Hose coupler assembly In/Ex water plug O-ring.packing
Suction water inlet 2"/3" Suction water outlet 2"/3" Clamp
Crank shaft Q Crank shaft P Camshaft assy
Piston Piston ring assy Maganeto assy
Oil alarm system Retainer inake valve spring Retainer exhaust valve spring
Valve lifter Insulator carburetor Recoil starter assy-inclined
Recoil starter assy-vertical Big cove Starter string
Pawling spring starter Drum wheel Drive plate
Starter claw Control assembly Oil protector
Cooling fan Breather tube Engine fuel tank
Air cleaner for water pump Carburator oil pipe Spring(valve)
Starter pulley Fuel control valve Valve push rod guide plate
Push rod Carbon brush Spring(govermor)
Fine-tuning speed spring Electric Sprayer Knapsack Type Pump Head
Power Sprayer Sprayer Knapsack Power Sprayer
Gasoline Engine Gasoline Water Pump Single High-Pressure Spray Hose
Braided High-Pressure Spray Hose Three Ply Four Threaded High-Pressure Spray Hose Garden Machinery
Hand Sprayer Straight gun(sigle hand) Straight gun
Straight gun with cap 90cm Straight gun 90cm Straight gun with cap
30cm straight gun (double hand)brass 20cm brass gun 30cm Bend gun(sigle hand)
30cm Bend gun(double hand) 45cm Bend gun 45cm Bend gun with cap
60cm Bend gun 60cm Bend gun with cap 90cm Bend gun with cap
Small red cap Big red cap Axial flow cap
Normal cap 60cm Axial flow gun 90cm Axial flow gun
200cm Axial flow gun 35cm Europe style spray gun with cap 45cm Europe style spray gun with cap
60cm Europe style spray gun with cap 90cm Europe style spray gun with cap 90cm Europe style spray gun
Spring spray gun Triangel spray gun Thread cleaning gun
60cm Connnecting rod S style two noozles gun Three noozles gun
Four noozles gun Five noozles gun Stainless steel adjustable gun
Remote spray gun Four heads spray gun High pressure cleaing gun
Europe style spray gun 9m Hith pressure hose Crank shaft
Stretcher Japanese stretcher Pulley-3 wings
Pulley-5 wings Air chamber Longer air chamber
Filter net Clutch Air cleaner
Start reel Accelerator Cylinder cover
Oil tank Oil pipe Plug cap
Oil filter Stop switch New easy starter Y3
New easy starter starter Absorber hose
Accelerator switch Diaphagm for carburator Start claw
Wire wheel Start spring Gasket for pump
Walbro carburator Standard part Piston Pin Spring
Plston ring Crank shaft assy Maganetor
Driving set Adimiting pipe Cylinder head cover
Oil dipstick Cam gear Exhaust pipe
Fan blade Carburator plate Oil baffle plate
Cam gear gasket Engine stand Rocker arm shaft
Under the rocker shaft Rocker arm Under the rocker
Valve spring seat Valve spring Valve in&ex
Spark plug Valve+plate Drip tape
1 1/4 Cock 1/4 Cock 1/2Cock with original colour
3/8 to 1/2 Cock 3/8 Cock 1/4 Ball cock
1/4 Cock 1/4 Tri-entrance cock 1/2 Brass joint
3/4 to 1/2 External two way joint Hose joint
Suction joint Y-joint Flexible joint
Hose big flexible joint Hose small flexible joint Oil seal crank shaft
Oil seal plunger V-packing seat V-packing
Special V-packing A1016 V-belt Breakwater ring
Valve seal Grease seal Bearing
Gasoline engine wheel Stainless steel valve Plastic valve
Oil seal overflow Spring seat Crank case
Pipe rack Screw thread transparent suction & overflow hose Suction & overflow hose
Cyinder Discharge metal Suction metal
Overflow body Partial regulator Regulator assy
Partial regulator-korea style Regulator pipe Pressure gauge
Oil cover Bearing cover"A" Bearing cover"B"
Adjusting pressure screw Oil level Regulator spring
Pin Gasket Screw for oil outlet
Valve seat Spring pin Valve rod
Grand Grease ring Ball
Valve rod for automatic Brass grease cup Lron grease cup
Regulator spanner Connecting rod Plunger with ceramic
Plunger Plunger pin Lron suction joint
Lron overflow joint Suction hose (two wings) Suction hose nut(HEX)
Overflow hose nut (Two wings) Overflow hose nut(HEX) Bed
TU-26crank case(TU26) Crankshaft assy Oil seal
Piston assy Piston ring Cylinder
Spark Handle Starter
Small bearing Magneto Lgnition
Muffler Admitting pipe Carburator
Adjustment of fixed+engine stand Fly wheel Fuel tank cap
Connecting rod assy Air cleaner for generator Crankcase
Behind frame Cover crankcase Cylinder block
Exhaust assy (black) Muffler assy(chrome) AC plug locking USA
AC plug EUR AC plug USA Voltmeter
Govemor gear ser Speed controller Speed controller click
Capacitor Valve in& ex Oil level gauge
Charging cable Handle starter Carburator(huayi)
Relay Rectifier Generator frame
Generator wheel Tool kits Absorber for 188F
Retaining ring AVR Spark plug cap
Casing cover Inner casing Impeller
8.5mm Transparent Braided High-Pressure Spray Hose 10mm Braided High-Pressure Spray Hose 10mm Three Ply Four Threaded High-Pressure Spray Hose
13mm Braided High-Pressure Spray Hose

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  • Add: No.1459, Fengnan East Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province,China

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